Character Day is an annual event that unites millions of people in schools, companies, and homes to develop and deepen their character: strengths like empathy, grit, gratitude, and leadership. Why? Because character development leads not only to school and career success, but also to stronger, more engaged individuals and a more just world. Last year, over 4 million people across 200,000 groups in 125 countries and all 50 states participated in Character Day.

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Thank you so much for celebrating Character Day 2019 with us at bwè Kafe! We loved sharing conversations and ideas about character building, and actively working on our individual character strengths for both personal growth and positive growth in our home life, work life, school life, and everything in between!

Here are some highlights from Sept. 27th & 28th, 2019!

Character Mosaics
Building our “Character Mosaic” with communities where our coffee shops are located. Over the two days, we encouraged everyone who stepped in our doors to reflect about one character value that they would like to work on, and to add it to our mosaic as their own unique Tile Card. The results at both coffee shops were two beautiful and creative mosaics, for the world to enjoy!

Mayor Proclemations From Hoboken and Jersey City
We are proud to announce that we received Proclemations from the Mayors’ Office of Hoboken and Jersey City, making these two neighboring cities the FIRST IN THE WORLD to do so!!

Live Stream Interview Across The Globe
Dale, Tats, Marlowe and Maryanne jumped on a Skype interview streamed to up to 4 Million viewers around the globe, with founders of Let It Ripple (, to explain how bwè Kafe chose to celebrate Character Day! We’ll be posting up the interview here soon.

Me, The “Other” - Special Film Screening
We screened this wonderful documentary on the evenings of Friday Sept. 27th and Saturday Sept. 28th, to our communities of Hoboken and Jersey City. Me, The “Other” is a documentary film about a diverse group of students living in Washtenaw County in Southeast Michigan. We set out to tell stories of prejudice, equality and diversity and discovered that ‘otherness’ is never one thing. Visit for more information!

Beyond Character Day 2019

Let’s keep the reflections, thoughts and conversations going about our character strenghts every single day! Whether for leadership, education, management, or personal development at work or at home, we all have qualities that make us shine, and qualities for us to work on. Visit for more information.