Everyday, bwè kafe partners with world renowned coffee roasters La Colombe Torrefaction, to serve the highest quality beans, directly sourced from farms all over the world and brewed into your cup using perfected extraction methods. Working hand-in-hand with our mission to support the youth of Haiti, all coffee blends served at our coffee shops contain delicious Haitian beans, bursting with unique notes and fresh flavors.




A delicious, brewed to order cup of coffee. Pour over gives us complete control and precision over each step throughout the brewing process. This allows us to truly bring out all the best qualities and flavors of the coffee. Taking things one step further, we reserve our single origin beans for this brewing method.

From start to finish, the entire process normally takes us 5 minutes. If you have the time, we encourage you to order one next time you stop by!





This is not your normal iced coffee; our cold brew is smooth and sweet. No heat is ever added to this method of brewing, and it takes hours to make. But you don't have to wait long! We already have some brewed and ready to serve.

Water slowly drips unto the coarsely ground coffee below, where it will steep for most of the day. Once the grinds reach full saturation, the steeped water will finally push through a filter and into the beaker below. This is how we are able to extract the flavor and caffeine from the beans without using any hot water. 

An added benefit to cold brew is its much lower acidity content. It offers a great alternative to people who are sensitive to coffee.